Main destinations

Our products are made according to the highest quality standards and taking the clients’ needs into account. The raw material’s homogeneity and its sustainability assure our commercial partners a first-class product. The commercial strategy covers different countries and products, using our resources as efficiently as possible. The company’s whole production is finally sawn and dried in high performance kiln driers.

Timber for packaging & platforms

Thin logs and heartwood is turned into packaging material and pallets. The commercial name of this group depends on the destination's market, but in general it is called heartwood, industrial lumber, lumber for pallets and lumber for packaging.

Pinus taeda timber suitable for packaging and pallets.

  • Kiln dried.
  • Moisture content: 10 - 15%.

Uses: Packaging, pallets.

Blanks clear finger joint

Millwork lumber. This is mainly exported to North America with highreman process. This lumber is used for molding, door frames, doors and windows. These products are named Blanks and EGP panels (Solid boards).

Remanufactured Pinus taeda finger joint boards, natural appearance.

  • S4S finishing, free of chemical treatments.
  • Dimensionally stable, easy to work, and suitable for molding and to be covered with varnish and paint.
  • Glue used is PVA D-4 or ASTM D-5572.

Uses: Internal and external finishings for moldings.

Solid finger joint panels

Pinus taeda boards made of solid staves or finger joint with or without knots.

  • Glue used is PVA D-4 or ASTM D-5751.

Uses: Furniture, door components and panels.


Free of defect lumber is obtained from the basal part of the tree which was early and carefully pruned to this aim. This product seeks to fulfill the highest quality demands. There are different commercial products: Clears, Mouldings and better, C4, cut-stock, etc.

Pinus taeda free of defect lumber, excellent appearance.

  • Rough and S4S.
  • Kiln dried free of chemical treatments.
  • Moisture content: 8 - 12%.

Uses: Raw material to produce furniture and other elements and ornamental pieces.