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Logs from Uruguay to the World

Uruguay is a South American country, with 500 km coast on the Atlantic Ocean. Its neighboring countries are Argentina in the west and Brazil in the northeast. It is considered to have political and economical stability, attracting investors from all over the world. Since the forestry act was approved in 1987, forestry production in Uruguay has shown a very significant rise. This act promoted plantation of different species through tax exemptions on land considered of forest priority. To date, there are more than 1:000.000 hectares planted with eucalyptus and pine.


Since 1976 Fymnsa has been devoted to implantation and forestry management in the district of Rivera on deep sandy soils with low agricultural value. Pinus taeda plantations are sustainably managed in order to achieve high quality timber production. The company owns more than 11.000 ha of plantations and 1.500 ha of protected natural forests. Pine plantations are pruned to a height of seven meters to attain defect-free timber.


Dank S.A is an industrial company in the forestry sector. Within the company, there are three main sectors. Firstly, it has a processing plant for logs, drying, and remanufacturing to obtain various products, including boards, finger joints, panels, moldings, etc. Secondly, as part of its waste management plan, the company has a biomass energy generation plant, which allows for self-sufficiency and the sale of energy to the public grid. Thirdly, Dank has a production plant for pine wood pellets using industrial process waste. These pellets are a 100% natural and eco-friendly fuel.